If you have purchased a Bullet Button AR-15 or AK 47 prior to 2017 and have not been keeping up with local firearms laws, this information is relevant to you.


DISCLAIMER: We are NOT and DO NOT attempt to act as attorneys. If you have any other questions please consult your attorney.


In 2016, SB 880 and SB 1135 were passed in California, a devastating blow to law abiding  gun owners in California. These two laws essentially categorized all Bullet Button centerfire rifle or pistols to be considered Assault Weapons. Now, firearms that have bullet buttons installed are still considered assault weapons. This means you, the law abiding gun owner, must take this into consideration while owning or building your Modern Sporting Rifle. If you have not registered your Bullet Button rifle under the assault weapon registration grace period, you MUST take action.  

Below is a quick way to check if you are compliant with SB 880 and SB 1135


Quick Compliance Check:

If your centerfire semi-automatic rifle (AR-15, AK 47, etc.) DOES NOT have a fixed magazine and has ANY of the following features, YOU ARE NOT COMPLIANT WITH THE LAW

  1. Pistol grip that protrudes beneath the action of the weapon
  2. Thumbhole stock
  3. Folding or telescoping stock
  4. Grenade launcher or flare launcher
  5. Flash suppressor
  6. Forward pistol grip

In most cases, a standard AR-15 acquired prior to 2017 will have one or more of the aforementioned attributes. If the firearm was purchased after 2017 it was required to be sold under the regulations of SB 880 and SB 1135 and you shouldn’t have a problem.